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Hudson Furniture

Enchanting Classic French Accents

Characterised by supreme craftsmanship, highly ornamental accents and an air of grandeur, the collection by Hudson Furniture enriches any space with a touch of stately allure. With classic French aesthetics, the selection is inspired by the style of the Louis XV period, showcasing charming embellishments and unparalleled luxury. The selection of armchairs, sleigh beds, cabinets and bookcases captures the magnificence of the period through the gracefully contoured timber, ornate detailing, elegant cabriole legs, and the finest finishes and upholstery. With almost a decade of experience behind them, Hudson Furniture expertly hand craft their wares from responsibly sourced mahogany and hardwood ensuring each piece exudes the quality and luxury of a timeless heirloom, to be admired and cherished for generations to come.