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Ciroa & Mixe Kitchenware

Huge Winter Bakeware Clearance!

Few things are more satisfying than pulling a tray overflowing with homemade treats from the oven, savouring the aromas and then taking that first gooey bite. And now, as wintertime chills heighten, freshly-baked goodies can provide a special sort of solace from the cold. Weve pulled together this scrumptious range care of bakeware and kitchen geniuses Mixie & Ciroa, bursting with virtually every baking tool or decoration you can dream up. From various tool sets rendered in flexible, colour popping silicone to charming cupcake toppers and mini muffin cups in a huge range of vibrant designs, youll effortlessly bake piping hot desserts that look just as impressive as they taste. The collection is complemented by elegant serving accessories like high-shine napkin rings, leather-look placemats and beaded coasters.