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iiamo Denmark

Self Warming Baby Bottles

From a global leader in intelligent and efficient design, Denmark's iiamo has developed an innovative range of baby products that are revolutionising motherhood the world over. Pioneered by Karim Rashid, the award winning iiamo Go baby bottle utilises the world's first self-warming mechanism, which means mum and bub can stop for a feed any time, any where. The secret is the “iiamo warm”, a disposable 'place push and play' heating cartridge that doesn't require electricity. Encased in environmentally friendly and health-smart materials, it's no surprise this ground breaking technology has been voted number one in the Top Ten Parenting Gadgets in Australia. Coupled with the Safe 'n' Snug baby suit, an ingenious baby garment that monitors and reacts to the wearers temperature, this selection of inspired innovations brings an unrivalled level of convenience, safety and reassurance to modern baby care.