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Jema Luxe

Indulgent Hand-Poured Soy Wax Candles

Immerse in an aromatic cocoon with the Jema Luxe range of candles, oil burners and reed diffusers and welcome rejuvenation and relaxation. Far more than just nice smells, the complex, apothecary-inspired blends of fragrances are a holistic treat for body, mind and soul. Hand-poured candles are wholly handmade in Australia from deluxe-quality, non-toxic 100% soy wax - wax that can, unbelievably, be used to moisturise your body when the candle is blown out!. Seducing from the get-go with elegant packaging, they are Kosher, GM free and wicks are crafted from natural lead-free cotton. From wispy and delicate to sweet and heady and all that falls between, this range encompasses eight unique scents across all products. Surrender to a whimsical awakening.