Decorate Yainda heater

5 reasons why you need to upgrade to a Yandiya heater

During those scorching Aussie Summer days, the last thing you’d be thinking about is a heater, right? But, as soon as winter rolls around, a heater might be the only thing on your mind. During the chilly weather, a homemade hot choccy by your side, snuggled up in your favourite fluffy blanket, and binge-watching the latest Netflix series everyone’s been raving about is the way to go. Now just add a heater to the picture, and you’re all set for those rainy days.

But not just any heater. Definitely not that old, bulky, noisy electric heater.

We’re talking about a Yandiya heater.

You may be thinking, “why a Yandiya heater over all those other heaters on the market?” Well, let’s find out why…

  1. Yandiya heaters use ‘Far Infrared Heating’

    What does that mean?

    To put it simply, Far Infrared is a type of natural invisible light generated by the sun. This light works by directly heating the objects it is aimed at, just like the sun radiates sunlight on the earth. Once the heat hits this object, it is distributed evenly. Because all this warmth is stored in objects (furniture, carpet, walls) and not in the air, no heat or energy is lost in the process.

  2. You’ll save BIG money on your heating bill

    Paying bills is one of my favourite hobbies! Said no one ever…

    Not one person in this world likes paying bills. Especially electricity bills, as they can get pretty pricey. So why not take a little bit of financial stress off your shoulders with a Yandiya heater?

    With Yandiya’s Far Infrared Technology, heat is concentrated in the objects in your home, using far less energy. As a result, Far Infrared Heaters run at a FRACTION of the cost of traditional heating systems.

    Did you know gas heaters typically take up to 15 minutes to warm a room? That 15 minutes translates to money down the drain. You won’t have this worry with a Yandiya heater, that’s for sure. The infrared panels are so efficient, you’ll feel the effect from the very moment they’re turned on, allowing you to heat your home without using excessive energy and time.

    Plus, every Yandiya heater specifies what its maximum heating coverage capability is. So, depending on how big your bedroom, living room, dining room or any room in your house is, you can choose the most suitable Yandiya heater; from the 350-Watt to the 800-Watt.

    Ultimately, you’ll save some serious money if you can determine how much power that specific room needs.

    Plus, there’s another financial benefit to investing in a Yandiya heater, other than saving on your electricity bill. All Yandiya heaters come with all the required fixing materials and installation instructions, so you don’t have to do damage to your wallet and hire a technician.

    But we’re not done just yet…

    Yandiya heaters also don’t require regular maintenance (yay, more money saved!) and are much less likely to break down. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all Yandiya heaters come with a very generous 5-year warranty.

    So, when it comes to saving money on heating, it really is a no brainer switching to, or at least considering a Yandiya heater. Use that money and treat yourself to something special!

  3. They look great in your home

    The contemporary, minimalistic designs of Yandiya heaters are like no other on the market.

    Take the 800-Watt Satin White Heating Panel for example, which will seamlessly blend into a white wall, or provide a magnificent contrast against a coloured wall. There are no clunky bits and moving pieces attached to the panel, further enhancing the aesthetics and modern feel of Yandiya heaters.

    The 500-Watt Round Mirror Heater is perfect for any room in the house. With unique anti-misting properties and polished edges to prevent rusting, this Yandiya panel is a true bathroom essential.

    We could keep raving about all the heaters Yandiya has pumped out over the years, but then we’d be here forever.

    With Yandiya, not only have you added an aesthetically pleasing decoration to your interior, you’ve installed an extremely effective heating system. 2 birds, 1 stone.

  4. You’ll be doing your part for the environment

    With global warming and climate change becoming increasingly concerning issues, many of us are becoming more environmentally-conscious. And rightfully so. Although it’s not something to be proud of, Australia has one of the highest emissions of greenhouses gases in the world.

    We know impossible to completely reduce our carbon footprint on this earth, but something as simple as changing your heating source in your home, is a step in the right direction.

    Yandiya strives to contribute to decarbonisation of this planet – each and every one of its infrared heaters produce ZERO carbon emissions. That’s right! Zero, zilch, nada.

    Yandiya heaters are also made from 100% recyclable materials. This means less energy is used in the manufacturing process compared to using raw materials. So not only are you saving energy, but you’re also saving resources through conserving these raw materials!

    Plus, the immediate heat production of Yandiya heaters, and their ability to transfer heat directly into objects means you can up the cosiness of your room using far less energy.

    So to reduce your energy consumption and have a positive impact on this earth, a Yandiya Infrared heater is the way to go

  5. You may see some health benefits

    How would a heater improve your health? It’s just a heater, right?

    Well, remember how we mentioned before that Far Infrared is the warm energy that comes from the sun? Well, it turns out that Far Infrared Rays may be essential to human health, possibly helping with energy levels and boosting the immune system.

    On the other hand, gas heaters can release fumes such as Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide that are harmful to our health, often making us feel nauseous and giving us headaches.

    Also, water vapour is produced when gas is burnt, which can lead to mould problems in the home. Mould can cause coughing, nasal stiffness and other unpleasant problems. However, the infrared rays used in Yandiya heaters produce no moisture, and reduce the risk of mould problems arising.

    So for a completely safe, natural way of heating your home, look no further than Yandiya heaters.

    So Yandiya heaters use the most effective and efficient heating technology, save you money, look incredible, they’re environmentally sustainable, and are completely safe from a health perspective.

    What more could you ask for in a heater?