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First impressions count. Whether you’re looking to sell your property or just want a home you can be proud of, simple transformations to the outside of your home can make your house stand out in the market, and on the street.
With kerb appeal accounting for up to 10% of a home’s value, in a fluctuating housing market, giving your façade a face lift can help attract potential buyers and get a better return on your biggest investment.

A good way to boost your curb appeal is by painting old concrete.

Cherie Barber, White Knight DIY and Renovation Expert explains, “Driveways are often the first thing people see, but the last you’d think to renovate. Transforming this area is as easy as any paint project and much more affordable than resurfacing, giving an uplift in value for a minor investment. Some additional finishing touches like plants, mailboxes and house numbers, can also help spruce your home up instantly.”
If you’re looking to pave your way to a better home, follow Cherie Barber’s top tips on how to give concrete a new lease of life.

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Cherie explains, “If you’re painting smooth concrete such as garage floors or new concrete around a pool, use Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher to roughen the surface and help the paint bond to the concrete. Mixing half a kilo with 5 litres of water, evenly pour over the dissolved mixture over the concrete and scrub with a broom, leaving it to foam up for a couple of minutes being careful not to let it dry.

“Preparing the surface correctly will ensure long-lasting results, so a crucial first step is to high pressure washer clean your surface, then allow to dry for 24 hours before painting.”


Before you start painting, prime your driveway by giving your surface another good sweep and make sure you have all the equipment you need – a paint brush, paint pots, roller tray and an extension roller. Cherie suggests using a roller with a 10mm nap to achieve a professional finish, easily. Cherie adds, “I chose Ultra Pave Quick Dry, its touch dry in just 30 minutes and can take a second coat in just a couple of hours. To help the first coat stick, mix the paint with 20% water in a paint pot, a litre at a time, and mix in the pot before transferring into your roller tray.”

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With six tintable bases available, there are thousands of White Knight Ultra Pave colours to chose from. Cherie advises, “Choose a colour that will compliment your exteriors. For a modern look I like to use dual grey tones, with the darker shade on the paths and drive. For this project I used White Knight Ultra Pave in Smoke Storm, it’s modern and impactful and one of my favourite colours to transform a drab driveway.
Paint all the edges first with a paint brush, and any joins in the concrete, then paint the remaining area using a roller with an extension pole. Wait 2 hours before applying your second coat. For added grip, or if you’re on a slope, add Ultra Pave Topcoat Grip Additive to your second coat, pouring one litre of paint into a roller tray and as you stir, add 2-3 scoops of the grip additive per litre of paint. The second coat is now ready to apply, in a similar way you applied the first, painting the edges with a brush then using a roller for the remaining area.”


Cherie summarises, “With just a few finishing touches and a makeover of your drive, you can make a real difference to the façade of your home.”
Bernadette Summers, Independent Real Estate Expert agrees saying, “First impressions are hugely important in real estate, not just for buyers but also for agents who look at the exterior as the first step in their evaluation of a property.
“Before a potential buyer comes to view your home, there is a chance they’ve already driven past and made a judgement call. Having kerb appeal can make all the difference between a property that instantly sells or lays in wait, as viewers see the exterior as a reflection of the inside.
“Not only encouraging potential buyers, refreshing the outside of your home can also increase its value and Cherie has certainly achieved that with this makeover! This renovation has really transformed the house, being in the eastern suburbs of Sydney,
this property has increased in value by $150,000 (9%), taking it from a $1.65m property to $1.8m*.”

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