Over 70 years of passion and innovation.
As you perform your ritualistic press of the coffee maker through bleary morning eyes, or boil a fresh cuppa in your electric kettle and drink from those stylish double-walled glasses, it’s easy to lose sight at how much innovation has gone into making your everyday better.



If your essentials bear the brand name BODUM, you’ll be happy to know you’ve partnered with more than a handy kitchen item. You’re the recipient of over 70 years of smart design and family passion, which sees form follow function when it comes to each and every product design.

BODUM was launched in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1944 as a wholesaler of Danish kitchen products, and glassware from Eastern Europe. The plan took an inspired turn when Peter Bodum decided to test some of the vacuum coffee makers he was importing. His test proved disappointing, and he deemed the imports unsatisfactory and impractical in their design. Seeing a lack of innovation and quality in the market, he set about designing his own line with good industrial design at its roots.

Jorgen Bodum

Jørgen Bodum with the BODUM coffee press.
It all began with the PEBO coffee maker that hit the market in 1958. It turned heads with a practical design that improved the quality of coffee brewed in a vacuum coffee maker. Through the 50s, 60s, and 70s the PEBO enjoyed great success in homes across the globe, making the BODUM brand a household name for excellence in coffee-making products.

Over the next 50 years, which saw Peter Bodum’s son, Jørgen Bodum take leadership of the company at the age of 26, innovation continued to play a key role in every new venture. Notable work over the years included a re-design of the humble tea pot in 1991 by the request of the British Tea Council. BODUM’s ASSAM Tea Press again used smart and practical design at its heart to give tea optimal time and space to develop its rich flavour. The product gave full control over the tea seeping process to the brewer: the everyday drinker who finds joy in drinking just what’s right for them.


The successful PEBO coffee maker made BODUM a household name.
With impressive results like this, the BODUM name had become synonymous with beautiful design, affordable prices, and high-quality finishes. And it’s this philosophy that’s always prevalent in the extensive design process and rigorous commercial testing associated with each product. Before your favourite item lands in your kitchen, it has been passed through the hands of in-house designers, engineers, graphic designers, and architects at BODUM. This would explain why the BODUM name a familiar sight on Red Dot Design Awards and iF Product Design Awards recipient lists.

Peter Bodum

King of Denmark & Peter Bodum inspect the PEBO production – 1950s.
No doubt these design aficionados appreciate the materials BODUM chooses to work with such as borosilicate glass, porcelain, and premium grade stainless steel. They’re chosen for their purity, stability and BPA free nature to ensure products are used and loved by you for years to come.

One country that’s definitely proven its love for BODUM is Australia. Since its debut in the local market 40 years ago, Australia’s casual and practical way of life has fallen in step with BODUM’s design ethos. The Home is excited to share BODUM with its members this week. The brand’s contemporary collection of red and lime kitchen essentials hits the site for a fresh zing to brewing rituals.


BODUM’s contemporary collection pairs vibrant style with smart function.

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