Are you thinking what I’m thinking: what’s a jungalow? ‘I call my home a jungalow because it’s wild like the jungle, but cosy and homey like a bungalow,’ explains Justina Blakeney. The designer and stylist has made the ‘jungalow look’ her signature style, and those that regularly visit the creative wonderland that is her blog are familiar with its inviting look in her downtown Los Angeles home. It’s no surprise to find a kilim rug beneath a kantha covered ottoman here, or a Moroccan wedding blanket complementing a Mexican Serape and Japanese ceramics. ‘I like to mix old and new and create unexpected vignettes. I’m a maximalist who loves to pair different pieces from different cultures,’ she professes.

This global vibe creates an optical indulgence in the living room. It’s ablaze with wild energy and a medley of colour, ‘I love plants and pom poms, textiles and tchotchkes, and the room is packed with all this jungalicious goodness!’ she says. The wall unit that was custom built for this space houses beloved objects including items from her travels, family heirlooms, animal sculptures, and art books. The striking couch is dotted with bursts of colour in the form of cushions brought back from a trip to Turkey.
Justina is madly in love with the room’s old charm and character from years gone by, but would love better natural light and a little more space to really maximise its ever-evolving look. Floating shelves feature prominently to help with storage and displaying knick knacks, but she admits an extra closet nearby would be a welcome addition. What’s next for this eclectic room? ‘To be honest I’m pretty spontaneous, so the space is always changing and I don’t seem to know what I’m going to do until I’m doing it,’ she says. Leaving us with an air of excitement for what’s to come.
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Photography: Dabito at oldbrandnewblog.com