Inside Gina Ciancio’s new kitchen.

‘I had a basic plan for the space: I wanted a wall kitchen, island bench, and butler’s pantry … and that’s where the plan ended,’ Gina Ciancio professed to The Home last year. At the time, the Style Curator blogger was amid a new-home build, and was feeling the strain of making a multitude of design decisions about her kitchen on the fly.

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Fast-forward to today and Gina is making the fresh kitchen space, hers. It is one of her favourite spots in the new home, not only because her family spends most of its time here; but because it also highlights the most satisfying results of their build.

Doubt about the kitchen’s success was ever-present. ‘I was unsure if the black joinery, light polished concrete floors, and marble splashback would work. I hadn’t seen it before and there were many times I nearly backed out of the selections to opt for “safer” choices,’ says Gina. But in true creative form, she stuck to her plan, and has fallen in love with the beautiful result.

The kitchen is one part of an open living area that includes the dining room and outdoor area. It fosters an entertaining vibe with bar stools dotted at the large island bench, while its sleek and simple finish shines when the party’s over with clean lines, functional flow, and pared-back styling.

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A crisp palate of black, white, and grey provides a timeless foundation where colourful décor shines. By keeping these shades classic, Gina can reinvent the room as her personal tastes evolve and colour trends change. A dash of bling from the copper sink tap is just one example of a small and flexible update with impact.

As trends come and go, it’s the functionality that’s everlasting, and with cabinetry that carries all the way up to the 2.7-metre ceilings, storage is one thing the couple don’t need to worry about. Gina credits their smart storage solutions to the addition of drawers wherever possible as opposed to standard cupboards. But is there anything she’d change? No way, not with a new kitchen design, but if she were nit-picking, an additional hidden power point in the island bench would be a winner. ‘All our power points run along the side wall or are in our butler’s pantry where we keep all our appliances. It hasn’t been an issue yet but I’m sure if there was a power point in the island, I would use it.’

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Want to snoop on more of Gina’s new home? Head to Style Curator for her detailed room reveals.

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