Claire Delmar has been creating fresh and distinct images for 15 years now. As a championed stylist, she has brought to life beautiful objects and inviting settings in the fashion, food and interior industries, impressing with a contemporary touch and timeless style. On any given day you’ll find her balancing editorial projects and advertising photo shoots with a thriving residential and commercial styling business. Her home office is the nucleus of this busy schedule, and it’s this light and airy quarter that Claire confesses is her favourite space at home.

‘It’s almost become a bit of a joke now, but I have a passion for grey and white,’ says Claire, whose office space is finished in her signature scale: pewter greys and milk whites. It’s an always present connection with the UK that inspired this sophisticated palette. Claire was born in Oxford, and spent two years living in London from 2007, mopping up the cooler climate shades like a thirsty sponge. The two storey home she lives in now with husband James and son Leo, was the perfect canvas for these inspired strokes, and she went on to paint theskirting and architraves darker than the wall colours, as opposed to predictably lighter.

The office space seamlessly flows from the kitchen, encouraging a textural finish that complements the warm and inviting feel of the home’s busy heart.’I’ve taken an organic approach to the space, and used a layered mix of my favourite elements in this room: wood, cement and stone,’ she says, noting a subtle contrast of walnut handles and burnished aged bronze hardware indulges her appreciation for mixing materials.

Old and new seamlessly fuse here. The antique zinc top table that anchors the room was the first piece of furniture Claire ever bought 12 years ago. ‘It’s been a great purchase! It’s worked in every house I’ve lived in and has been both a dining table and now my office desk,’ she says. The new inclusion of a large packing bench was a dream come true for the stylist whose trade sees her planning, creating and packing regularly on its sizeable surface. Working from home meant storage was key, so large deep drawers were a welcome addition to hide wallpaper and fabric swatches, while floor-to-ceiling cupboards keep props hidden and organised.

Claire’s eye-pleasing formula is dotted with points of surprise that create a truly personal haven. Walnut shelving displays a special collection of ceramics, with most finished in her much-loved white shade. They’re an always-evolving treasure trove and feature unique finds gathered on her travels. A hanging Vayu art piece depicting a majestic lion by Michael Commerford was a heartfelt anniversary gift, and the letter B is a momento from her London apartment. ‘We were 28B Westbourne Gardens in London, and it holds fond memories of our block and the lovely neighbours that lived above us,’ she says.

This raw yet energetic area has sewn the seeds for many creative projects including Claire’s latest venture, a new and improved blog. It’s here she charts the inspired discoveries that bloom daily from this stylish office space.

© 2014 The Home

Styling: Claire Delmar

Office Photography: Amanda Prior

Portrait photography: Corrie Bond