What’s the first thought that comes to mind when we say ‘Kas’? If you answered colour, pattern, or any other word that alludes to bright and bold imagery, you’re on the same page as us, and many other loyal Kas fans. The Home was fortunate to spend a morning surrounded by the cacophony of colour and vibrant design that is the Kas Sydney studio, and we’re excited to share our behind-the-scenes snippets with you here.

Marketing executive, Daniel David, gave us the guided tour of the creative hub that reinvents the signature Kas look for every season. We were privy to the inner workings of the design studio and discovered the story behind the family-run Australian business that continues to successfully brighten and reinvent homes. And on a cold winter’s day, the zing of colour and energy found was a welcome treat.

Kas designers hard at work.

It was fascinating to discover the local and international phenomenon in bedding and homewares has its humble beginnings at Sydney’s Paddington markets. It was here, over 30 years ago, Karen and Steve (hence the name ‘Kas’) showcased their colour-rich designs to the locals that lapped up the bold and fresh look. The adventurous and – one could say – risky pattern and shades the original creatives implemented in these early days, resonated with the lifestyle and vibe Australians wanted to surround themselves with at home.

And today the company stocks its fashionable designs in over 42 countries and has expanded its collection to include: towels, mugs, kids’ bedding and home fragrance, all while retaining that original pop of colour and pattern.

Unlike many family-run businesses that have sustained a strong presence in the market, Karen and Steve still walk through the office doors and make their mark on the brand’s identity. Karen contributes on a creative level, while Steve plays a vital role in the logistics arm of the business. And with sons Ben and Daniel on board, too, the future looks bright. You’ve no doubt ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ over Ben’s work. He’s the creative director and plays a vital role in the brand’s look, implementing concepts and bringing the Kas vision to life on the pages of its catalogues.

Vibrant colour and pattern at every turn.

When choosing your favourite finds from the Kas range available on The Home, Ben urges to not be swayed by picking a piece that matches with your already existing decor. “Choose something that speaks to you and makes you notice it! And incorporate it into your space by utilising one of its key elements, for example, colour. It’s this subtle and common thread in your space that will tie an eclectic look together.”

It’s easy to forget the time and effort gone into producing a collection. We see the results at home, complete in our interior, and never wonder what went into creating our much-loved find. So to have a wander through the design hub of Kas was a real treat. Design manager Alice explains the creative process. It begins with forecasting; always looking for new ideas and spotting up-and-coming trends. The creative team analyses the local market, international designs, high-fashion trends, and even takes advice from the brand’s suppliers. They then create story boards and present their ideas, nutting out what’s relevant and what will work with the signature Kas look. When a range is complete, samples are created and the final editing and tweaking begins.

Over this six month period, a collection is realised! And it’s no surprise the designs making their way out of the Kas studio are mesmerising. The creative space is filled with inspiration boards, textiles strewn on desks, a wall library of design books, and inspiring images that spark the Kas personality.

Special thanks to Daniel and the team at Kas for showing us around and sharing the fun and fashion of vibrant design with The Home.

Marketing executive and The Home’s tour guide, Daniel David.

© 2013 The Home

Photography: Lisa Zhou