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Renovating rooms with impossible deadlines, tight budgets and tricky designs, all while being filmed for TV would make most people run for the hills! But for builder Dylan Falecki, it’s an opportunity to indulge his creative passion. When he’s not running his successful construction company, he’s project managing renovations for The Living Room. He spills the beans on those TV makeovers, and shares his advice for maintaining the perfect relationship with your builder.

Tell us about those speedy renovations filmed on The Living Room, are they really as crazy as they seem?

The best way to describe The Living Room TV renovations is: highly organised chaos. Imagine being asked to renovate a space in record time, with a finite budget and then being told you need to be quiet every five minutes while the cameras are rolling. All of our renovations and makeover segments are planned and scheduled so it runs with precision and is always executed flawlessly. After over 100 renovations, I still get butterflies in my stomach the night before.

Build & Photography: Dylan Falecki | Design: Barry Du Bois

What do you love most about being trusted to transform people’s spaces?

A person’s home is a very personal and intimate space. So for them to trust us with a transformation means the world to me because they obviously feel we can meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. I look forward to every single room reveal like a small child looks forward to dessert after eating their veggies.

What’s your hot tip for maintaining a successful relationship with a builder?

Being open and honest with your builder about your expectations will ensure a positive and successful relationship. You’re in charge and you’re employing your builder to work on your most valuable asset. Leave no detail out. Tell them what your expectations are in regards to cleanliness, final finishes and legal requirements. If you don’t hear the answers you want, find another builder. And plan, plan, plan, plan, plan. You can never plan too much.

How do you see the building/home design landscape in Australia evolving?

Homeowners are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to good design and construction costs. I’m seeing more homeowners successfully project manage their own renovations, and with house prices increasing at the rate they are now, people are focusing their money on improving rather than moving. I see heart and soul going into renovations of all sizes, which means more time, care and expense will be allocated to residential renovations and design with stellar outcomes expected.

What’s your number one piece of advice for tackling a reno?

Get a piece of paper and draw your ideas. Baz DuBois once taught me: build it on paper first and the rest will be easy. Draw a floor plan, draw a layout, sketch out your ideas, collect some reference images. Don’t worry about it being to scale, just draw it.

Build & Photography: Dylan Falecki | Design: Barry Du Bois

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