The simple fact is that we spend most of our life in bed. We spend more time in there than our cars, on our lounges or in the bathroom. If there is one place to splurge, your bed should be number one.

Julia Zhang general manager of Gioia Casa, a luxury Melbourne based bed linen company, said spending on quality bedding helps build better relationship within the family and build a healthier life attitude.

Ms Zhang said she saw a need for great quality and affordable bedding, using only natural fibres but always keeping up with current style trends. Designs are changed every two months and there are only limited runs per design.

“Beautiful bedding allows you to personalise your bedroom,” Ms Zhang.

“We love evoking the creative flare of our customers, helping them style their bedroom into something they will always enjoy and look forward to coming home to.

“I used to work for one of the biggest bedding companies in Melbourne and was appointed to few key roles in the company.

“I always knew I had a bigger dream, starting up my own business, developing products which I have confidence in and the market wants so I started Gioia Casa in 2014.”

Ms Zhang said textured fabric, quilted fabrics are current on trend for this winter and silk bedding is coming back into vogue. The company has been focusing on 100 percent natural fibre bedding.

Ms Zhang said Gioia Casa has given her the opportunity to explore and constantly push the boundaries of product development in the bedding industry. Not only keeping with on-trend designs but also fabric composition and manufacturing.



“The market has received our product very well with minimal to no marketing,” she said.

“We are a passionate team and concentrate on product quality. As a result, customers re-purchase our latest products, word spreads and before we knew it, we had developed a following for our brand. The brand is young and there are many areas we are keen to explore. The development pipeline is strong.”

The Gioia Casa range includes:

  • Printed 100% cotton quilt cover sets
  • Textured 100% cotton quilt cover sets
  • Quilted quilt cover sets, fitted sheets
  • Silk pillow cases
  • Feather down pillows
  • Knot cushions