The Best Indoor Plants: Easy Indoor Plants for Your Home


Whether your urban home lacks a backyard, or you just crave more greenery in your living spaces, there are some great indoor plants which can provide advantages in a number of ways. Their benefits extend beyond just reducing stress and containing an aesthetic appeal – being close to nature boosts mental wellbeing, diversifies the bacteria in our microbiota and can improve the quality of the air we breathe. The all-round range of positive effects are just all the more reason to invite the outside-in, but it can be hard to grow, maintain and care for your indoor plants in their new habitat if you’re not well versed in horticulture. If you decide to become a new plant parent without much experience, the following list sets out the best indoor plants that will instil confidence in those with even the blackest of thumbs.



Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata):
Topping the list of low maintenance indoor plants is the Snake Plant, as it is ideal for wannabe growers due to its exceptional hardiness. This plant lacks a need for light, coping in even the darkest of corners but also in bright light. It requires water only sporadically, grows easily and will continue to do so all year-round. Notably, the Snake Plant will create a positive impact in your home in the form of an air-purifier, making your place an even healthier one to live.

Check out the mottled and striped variations to complement the decor of your Snake Plant’s surroundings:


Succulents and cactus:

Succulents and cacti are one of the most popular indoor plants and a great go-to for owners who want to set and forget. Their strong and robust nature gives them the ability to adapt to even the most adverse conditions. New plant owners who forget to water, don’t enjoy pruning and want a slow-growing plant to provide some adorability to their homes should look no further. Conveniently, succulents and cacti thrive in dry conditions and require their soil to be well drained. Place these little greens on the windowsill to allow them to lap up bright sunlight.

Popular succulents for the home include the Jade Plant, Aloe Vera, Zebra Plant and the Rosary Vine.



Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum):

This popular indoor plant’s tough, sturdy and able to adapt to a variety of conditions. It’s not picky about temperature, with an ability to withstand anything from 1.6°C to 38°C. Its slender arching leaves send out happy vibes while the ease of maintenance and growth adds to its popularity. However, beginners should beware that this plant should be kept in a bright spot away from heating or cooling vents, and the soil requires slight moisture to keep it happy. Choose from whichever of the three types takes your fancy; variegated, green or curly!



Lucky bamboo (Dracena Sanderiana):

This “perennial” plant has a reputation for being indestructible and thriving in terrible conditions. Its ongoing endurance in bad lighting, poor air quality and infrequent watering demonstrates such resilience. The durable stalks can survive in vases of pebbles, pure water or containers of soil, making it a good starting point for new indoor plant-owners. It is best, however, not to place them in front of air conditioners, heating vents, or drafty windows. The lucky bamboo is also wonderful as a gift plant, particularly as they are believed to bring good luck and enhance the surrounding ambience of a space.

Want to obtain a trendy twist in your little green buddy? Simply rotate the plant in front of its light source, as it will naturally grow towards the light!


Golden Pothos/Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum):

A popular hanging plant – the beautiful green and yellow leaves cascade downwards to create a waterfall of flora to liven up your indoor space. The Golden Pothos will trail hanging baskets or even a simple glass of water with minimal care as it roots easily. Allow these low maintenance indoor plants to descend a bookshelf for a charming pop of greenery. Their suitability to any position in the house, tolerance to drought and lack of need for regular fertilisation shows just how little upkeep is required. The Devil’s Ivy will thrive on water given once a week, so are perfect for new plant carers to introduce into their home.



If you’re looking to invigorate your indoor spaces with a touch of liveliness but want to do so with little effort, indoor plants are the solution for you! Choose a plant which suits your lifestyle and degree of commitment, while enjoying the many benefits a touch of greenery can add to your surroundings.