There are many types of paint you can use depending on your project. Whether you are painting interior or exterior there is a paint for you. You can update things from furniture, walls to the exterior of your home and even to the cute picnic table on your back lawn. These types of paint are used by commercial painters daily to assure you have the best quality for your materials. These types of paints can make your projects have a quick update for your dream home. They are easy to use, while successfully getting your desired look for painting your exterior.

There are few types a paint you can use for the interior of your home. Here I will list the best paint for your walls, and the best location to use them. The most popular kind of interior paint is latex or shellac. Oil-based and latex are used frequently used outside because they are very versatile.



Matte Paint

Matte paint is the most common paint on walls because there is no shine or sheen in this finish. Having no shine will hide most imperfections underneath the paint. This paint is very popular on ceilings and walls. The only downside to this paint is that when kids put their dirty hands or accidentally mark it, will show up like a sore thumb. Matte paint has the most pigment in it so you wont need to put so many layers on. It chips easily so you will need more touch ups more than any other finishes. Using matter will make your walls look extremely soft, so your artwork and furniture will stand out.

Matte Enamel

Matte enamel is a lot like regular matter paint but a little bit more durable. So if you still want the matte look around the house and have kids this would be the better option. It’s a lot easier to clean this surface with other dirt and grime. Even making it a good finish for the kitchen. This finish also rarely needs retouching unlike regular matte paint.



Satin paint

Satin paint is one of the finishes that not many people understand, but so many people know of. Satin paint is known to have a velvety look. This finish is between matte and gloss, which is perfect if you don’t want too glossy or too much matte as a finish. It is easy to clean dirt off on this surface, but if you have a lot of imperfections on your surface this isn’t the best finish to use because it will be more apparent.

Paint that has more sheen means the glossier the paint will be. The more gloss means the more harder it cures and durable the paint. These kinds of finishes are ideal if you have kids or animals, because you can easily wipe off the surface without ruining the finish.

Eggshell paint

Eggshell paint is the in between of matte and semi-gloss paint. This finish has great coverage meaning you won’t needs to apply very many coats.

Semi-gloss paint

Semi-gloss paint offers a harder finish, suitable for high trafficked areas, trim, kitchens and bathrooms. This finish is easy to clean with just soap and water.

Gloss paint

Gloss paint has the highest intensity of gloss than the other finishes. Since it has a ton of gloss it’s just like semi-gloss, easy to clean and used in high trafficked areas. This finish is popularly used just like matte paint. Unlike matte this finish tends to dry a little slower, so before applying on more coats plan to let an hour of drying time before applying more. If you like to use as much light as possible, this finish is highly reflective.

Now that you have went through the different types of finishes, here are some types of paint. When buying these types of paint make sure to grab either interior or exterior depending on your project.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint is known for surfaces that take a lot of abuse like walls, metal and wood. Although oil based paints take a lot more time to cure and dry, they are more durable than water-based paints. This finish has a high content of volatile organic compounds (VOC, fumes). Being exposed to VOC for too long in high concentration can be harmful. This product is usually used for exterior projects and furniture. Alkyd and linseed oil are the active ingredients in oil-based paint. You will have to use paint thinner to clean up any mess with this finish. Professionals recommend using this products for areas that have high temperature, and high moisture content. It is flexible and won’t crack unlike shellac with temperature changes. This finish will need to be used on oil-based primer only.

Water-based paint

Water-based paint is more popular than oil based paint on walls, metal, masonry and plastic. It cures and dries a lot faster than oil-base. This paint can be used for interior and exterior. You won’t need any paint thinner to clean up after yourself because it is water soluble, but is water resistant when dry. This finish has little to no VOC, meaning it is the safest to work with. Water-based paint is acrylic and latex. This paint is also great with high, cold and moist areas because it is flexible just like oil-based. It can be used with an oil-based primer, and water soluble primers.

Shellac paint

Shellac paint works well on interior paint jobs, because it has great stain blocking coverage over damages from water and smoke. You can use this finish on plastic and walls. The only disadvantage this paint has its not as versatile as water based paint. For cleanup you will have to use denatured alcohol. This finish is to be used interior only. Reading through the different kinds of paint you will get a great understanding of what surfaces you can use them on for the best durability. You will be able to complete any desired project around your home. You will be able to have your dream home in no time. As you have read it is very important to use each finish for different surface.

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