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We live in the 21st century and while we don’t have flying cars in the garage and robots in the house doing our dishes, we do have more choice than ever when it comes to our entertainment. Between, cable, satellite and online subscription services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, we have lots of choices. More than ever. We love our TV.

Many people prefer satellite, and when it comes to satellite TV, DISH is a favorite among users. But is it really a good alternative to cable? Is it really better than cable? We took a serious look at this question and we have some answers. The most important criteria for these entertainment providers are Hardware, Price, HD Channels, and installation. So let’s take a look at these as we compare DISH vs. Cable and see how they stack up.


As far as I’m concerned DISH leaves cable in the dust when it comes to new technology. It is clear that DISH is always innovating, while cable seems to be at a standstill. For instance, with Dish Network you can watch your favorite shows and movies on your mobile, tablet or laptop. And that is just the beginning. There are many other things you can’t do with cable as well. Cable does seem to be catching up with these innovations, but not nearly fast enough for people’s needs. To learn more about satellite TV and other technology, check out

What Makes DISH A Better Choice Than Cable1



For the most part, DISH has much cheaper packages compared to cable. In fact, some cable network packages can be as much as twice the price of those available on DISH. This all comes down to the fact that cable charges additional fees for HD content, as well as sports Packages. DISH is the money saver when compared to cable. Let’s face it, this is one of the most important considerations for viewers.

HD Channels

We’ve already talked about the fact that cable charges extra for HD channels and other things. DISH Network gives you HD channels free for life. Most cable networks just cannot deliver this claim. Most cable networks charge a monthly fee just so you can watch HD channels. Yes, you are seeing a pattern here. One that swings in favor of DISH over traditional cable.


For installation, most cable companies charge a one-time fee. This on top of those other fees we talked about really add up. DISH Network, on the other hand, offers free installation for up to 6 different TVs in your house. That’s quite a difference. It’s pretty clear why DISH wins big over cable. viewers have nothing but incentive to choose this satellite service when compared to most cable companies. Below are a few other factors to consider:

Picture Quality

As it turns out, both cable and DISH offer pretty much the same picture quality. You won’t notice much of a difference between the two.


If you hate interruptions while watching your shows, this is actually a small point in cable’s favor. During bad weather, like storms, DISH Network may lose its signal for a little while since it uses satellites. Then again, this can happen with cable as well, though for different reasons. Obviously there are pros and cons for both services, but it is very clear to us that DISH has far more pros than cable. No wonder so many are cutting the cord.

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