with Bright Bazaar blogger Will Taylor.

In his latest book, Dream Decor: Styling a Cool, Creative and Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live, Will Taylor dissects the how-tos to a seamless interior, and takes readers on a revealing look inside homes across the globe.

As one of the world’s leading interior bloggers, we’re inclined to lean in a little closer when Will shares inspiring tips on his signature accessible approach to decorating.

Here he chats to The Home about his latest book, and the interior trends to keep an eye out for.

Dream Decor

What do you believe are the fundamentals for an inviting home style?

A balanced space that blends colour, pattern, texture, lighting and furniture in a way that tells a story about the homeowner. Spaces that you would know belong to a friend before you knew it was actually their home – those are the best spaces!

In your new book, you dissect 11 interior styles including: Hollywood Chic, Mediterranean Marvel, and Curious Collector just to name a few. Which style is closest to your own personal preference at home? And how do you make the most of this style in your space?

My home is a mix of Mediterranean Marvel, Coastal Retreat and Scandi Comfort. I like to call on the blues seen in all three of these palettes to create layered schemes that are full of texture, handmade details and gentle hues.

Dream Decor

In Dream Décor, you take readers on a revealing look inside homes across the world. Was there one linking element or feel you found in each of them that made them inviting?

Yes! Each home felt unique and original to the homeowner. I love how each home – some big; some small – in the book has been decorated with passion and tells a story about the owner and how they live their life. Sure, they all look different but that’s what makes decorating so great!

What surprised you during the research and making of Dream Decor?

That you really can make something magical out of a tiny space. The home in the chapter on the style ‘Hedonistic Hipster’ is a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the East Village of Manhattan, NYC but it’s one of the most unique spaces in the book. Very inspiring!

Dream Decor

‘Look out for the elements in the natural environment
that inspire you.’

What’s your advice for taking inspiration from the environment around you and translating that into your space?

Look out for the elements in the natural environment that inspire you. Whether that’s the textures of the washed up driftwood on a beach or the colours of an art mural seen on a walk through the city. Literally, everything you see while you are out and about can be the catalyst for a decorating scheme. I always say, get out of the room you are looking to decorate and let your eye run free – you’ll soon be drawn to the colours, patterns and textures you love!

Dream Decor

As a creative consultant and colour enthusiast, what shades do you see being big next season in the interiors world?

Earthy oranges, muddied greys and soft greens.

What’s your number one styling tip for Aussie’s tweaking their interiors for winter this season?

Textures and layers go a long way! Freshening up your sofas and beds with new textiles and welcoming layers of knit pillows and cashmere throws will up the luxe and comfort factor for winter.

Dream Decor

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