How to: Juju Hats

We’ve fallen in love with the unique Juju hats and couldn’t resist sharing the possibilities of these decorative gems with you! We went straight to the source to discover the easiest – and most stylish – way to showcase your Juju hats.

What is a Juju hat?

The Juju hat (Bamiléké feather headdress or Tyn Hat) is traditionally worn by royal dancers during ceremonies held by the tribal chief in Cameroon. It’s the symbol of prosperity and is believed to possess the positive qualities of birds, and the beauty and fragility of life. Boasting a range of rich colours, the headdress – which can be transformed into an impressive wall hanging – has become popular over the years in the world of interior decorating.

Why the Juju Hat?

The Juju Hat is a very intricate piece to make and boasts a simple finish that has an amazing effect. It’s easy to install; simply unfold it and plant it on a nail to hang. It brightens any room in seconds and its three-dimensional quality has an incredible impact. The Juju hat suits any interior style.

Ideas for decorating with your Juju Hat

Juju hats find their space in most rooms: above a chimney, between framed paintings or photographs, or above a bed.

Install several pieces together to make a spectacular wall art. The effect is guaranteed to be eye-catching.

Put three or four hats side by side or above each other to brighten up a long corridor or narrow space between two doors.

Feature a mini Juju Hat on a table, console, or mantel piece as you would a bouquet. Place directly on the table or set on a small stand for the perfect table centre.

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