Macrame Plant Hanger

Create your own macramé plant hanger!

This funky flashback to the 70s has been reinvented with a sleek and modern knot, and bright and bold shades.


Thin rope, small bowl, and scissors.

Cut rope into eight pieces that each measure 140cm. Be generous: it’s better to have more rope to work with than less.

Collect the eight pieces of rope together and tie a knot at one end, leaving a little excess rope at its top.

Separate the eight pieces of rope into four sections, with each section including two pieces of rope.

With one section of rope at a time, tie the two pieces of rope into a knot, leaving roughly 2.5cm above the knot where all eight pieces of rope are tied together.

Repeat previous step twice, each time connecting the outer rope of each section together with the closest outer rope of the section to its left.

Lay rope pattern flat and place bowl with pot plant in its centre. The original knot you made in step 1 will be at the bowl’s base. Pull loose ends of rope up around bowl’s sides, and knot ends at desired length. Cut excess rope leaving a few centimetres as tassel.

Consider hanging your creation indoors as a unique and decorative storage solution.

“A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.”

Beth Ditto