Make it a night to remember with these handy party ideas.
With New Year’s Eve just a week away, your party planning is most probably well underway. Agreed to host the celebrations at home this year but unsure how to make it one to remember? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some great party ideas to ensure you and your guests start 2019 with a bang.

From modern masquerade balls to decadent desserts, here’s how to host an unforgettable NYE party in the comfort of your own home.

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Pick a Theme
New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to let loose and have fun, and what better way to do this than by dressing up? Yes, many of us cringe a little when we see there’s a fancy dress theme for a party. But once we’ve got our outfit on and have a glass of fizz or two, we usually end up having a fun time.

Why not keep with NYE’s glam vibe and opt for a Great Gatsby theme? Or perhaps you could nod to the classic concept of a masquerade ball, but bring it up to date by asking your guests to make a mask of their favourite modern day celebrity? Don’t be afraid to get creative. Your guests might roll their eyes at first, but we’re confident they’ll be thanking you for it come midnight December 31st.

Keep it Intimate
The best thing about hosting a NYE party at home is you don’t need to worry about battling the crowds or waiting in long queues to enter fancy venues. Make the most of this. Keep your party intimate by beginning the night with dimmed lights and a delicious candlelit dinner. Make a seating plan the way you would a wedding, mixing your guests up so they get to know each other better.

Following on from the above point about finding a theme for your party, perhaps make it extra cosy by throwing a pyjama party? Everyone jokes about how it gets harder to stay up until midnight as you get older, so this could be a fun and tongue-in-cheek nod to that sentiment. Just make sure no one actually does nod off before the clock strikes 12!

party ideas

Make Personalised Cocktails
No party is complete without cocktails, so why not take it a step further this year and make yours personalised? This could be as simple as getting everyone to RSVP to the party with their favourite cocktail, so they can have it handed to them on arrival. Or if you’re feeling extra creative (and your guest list isn’t too big and you know everyone pretty well), actually personalise each drink to match your guests’ personalities.

If you’ve got a budget for the event, it’d be a good idea to hire a professional cocktail maker to come and shakes these up for you. Or at least someone who’s worked behind a bar before!

Make a Decadent Dessert
New Year’s Eve is a time for decadence, so what better time to have mouth-watering desserts to hand? If you or your partner possess the magical talent of being able to bake – fantastic. If not, you might want to buy these pre-prepared… who needs to know?

Anything containing chocolate will keep your guests happy, whether it’s a simple cake doused in ganache or dark chocolate fondue with strawberries to dip in. You could even mix your dessert and cocktail ideas, creating a delectable dark chocolate espresso martini or a sugary-sweet cherry mojito. Party ideas are always at their best when both cocktails and chocolate is involved.

party ideas


Focus on the details
Finally, the glue that will tie your New Year’s Eve party together will ultimately be the finer details. This could be as simple as having classy gold balloons scattered around the house and scented candles burning in the bathroom.

Invest in a clothes rail and some hangers to have in the entrance hallway of your home, avoiding the usual tangle of coats on a bed and on chairs. This will make it so much easier for your guests to find their belongings on the way out, meaning they leave the party as happy as when they arrive.

So there you have it. Five party ideas that will ensure you bring in the New Year in the most unforgettable way possible. But most importantly of all, don’t forget to have fun yourself! After all, it’ll be one of your guests’ turn to be the host next year…

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