Vinyl revival


In the living room of my Nonnas house, the sound of Elvis Presley’s The wonder of you crackled from a record player in the corner of the room. I’ll never forget the warmth of that sound, the memories, the smell of the cases and how carefully I would listen. The record player commanded a presence in that room and delivered soulful sounds. Almost 40 years later, music is still part of my life. It has shaped, guided and inspired me. I’ve loved it in all it’s digital forms but most of all, when I really want to unwind that same Elvis Presley record resonates in my living room and I am reliving those wonderful childhood memories. We spoke with Natalie Khazaal, 2nd Chick in Charge chick at iWorld about all things vinyl.

Why does vinyl remain timeless and how does it improve your taste in music?

Vinyl remains timeless as, through streaming, we spend more time listening to music we don’t own so we are picker with what we spend our money on.  If we like it, we buy it. However, as consumers, we like owning physical objects, vinyl, being one of them. We are more attached to our purchase and emotionally invested as we can do something with a vinyl record. Why would you stream when you can have something tangible. We also spend more on each record as it usually comes with an occasionally or with sentiment.
Record player

Tell us about the vinyl revival and why so many people are finding joy in searching for music in the record store?

It’s nostalgic! We used to make it an event to go into a record store to buy the latest album. We’ve lost this over time with having streaming at our finger tips.
Hear a song, buy it instantly.  With the vinyl revival, it has bought back the in-store experience of shopping for your favourite music.
Vinyl Revival

Why does vinyl sound better? why do people love the crackle of a record?

The MP3 format losses the raw, full sound of the overall quality the producer or bank intended. File get compressed so small to be able to store thousands of files onto your device that the sound quality & audio data does fade. With a record, the sound quality remain just as the producer or band intended.
Portable record player
Why do Vinyl records hold their value so well? 
When we purchase music on iTunes or similar platforms, we don’t actually own the purchase. We are simply “renting” it!  With vinyl, the purchase is yours to keep. Vinyls become collectables over the year as only so many actually vinyls are pressed for the album. Let say, 1 million vinyl albums are released and thats it! Well, that purchase is an investment and you can re-sell it in years to come. True vinyl collectors, keep their albums in pristine condition and know that their items will only increase in value.