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Searles Lanterns

Lantern Luxe

Reinvent your home with classic touches from the premium homewares brand, Searles. Offering a collection of premium lanterns and candle holders to suit every abode, Searles' original designer pieces are perfect for adding those all important little touches to your spaces and bathing your entertaining areas—both indoors and out—with a sensational glow. Ensure your summer alfresco evenings are made unforgettable with a little help from Searles.Stoneleigh & Roberson’s eclectic range of lamps and lanterns feature a diverse selection of designs and styles to suit every space, giving any interior or exterior a vast lift in character. Taking inspiration from the latest trends around the world, Stoneleigh & Roberson’s talented designers consistently deliver collections that would look at home splashed across the pages of a glossy magazine. This range is crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, including contemporary bamboo, natural timber, glass and more. Expert finishes and detailing add further appeal to Stoneleigh and Roberson’s striking collection.