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Textured Neutrals

Layer with Hides, Sheepskins, Natural Fibre Rugs & more!

With a range of lovely rugs in shades of cream, stone, grey and brown, we've vetoed vibrancy for now, and embraced an understated style that favours texture! Featuring an array of mottled cowhides, earthy Icelandic sheepskins as well as wool, hemp, sisal and shag rugs, there's no shortage of options here to create a deeply textural look. Stylist's at The Home recommend building on a neutral base with a variety of textures to create an elegant space with plenty of visual and tactile interest - which means you don't have to stop at one! Layer hides over Sisal for an on-trend look, and frame your bed with snuggly sheepskins for the ultimate sink-in feeling. Find out more about the beauty of a pared-back palette over at The Home magazine, here.