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The Luxury Hotel Pillow Menu

Australian Made Pillows for Five Star Comfort

There's nothing quite as glamorous as swanning into a 5 star suite, selecting from your in-room pillow menu and then sinking into personalised bedding for a slumber fit for royalty. Taking cue from this lavish experience, we've put together our own Luxury Hotel Pillow Menu for you to choose from today! As the result of an exclusive selection process, each pillow has been tested and reviewed across top end hotels and national department stores by a large sample of guests and customers. Only the highest rated contenders were welcomed into this premium range, ensuring the best in comfort and quality for your own home. Each piece is expertly made in Australia with 100 percent new fibres, in a variety of weights and sizes to cater to your individual sleeping needs. Complete with a range of stylish pillowcases, this selection is set to perfect your own at-home luxury suite!