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Masterchef & Asia One

Gourmet Gastronomic Finesse At Home

Home chefs of the most discerning variety - we beckon your eager ears. This professional collection of cooking utensils and kitchenware encompasses pieces from culinary connoisseurs MasterChef and AsiaOne (by Davis&Waddell) and invites you to pair your gastronomic prowess with superior, chef-quality tools for the home kitchen. Bursting with everything from top-tier knives and digital thermometers, to pastry boards, pasta machines and mortar and pestle sets, youll discover everything you need to create restaurant level cuisine. Throw in a sprawling range of far eastern-inspired serving items like yum cha sets, stoneware sushi sets and noodle bowls and from preparing and cooking through to serving and eating - youve got a recipe for success