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MegaMix Power Blender

Sorbets to Soups with One Powerful Blender

Imagine making smoothies, sorbets, soups, sauces, purees, spice mixes, hot drinks, nut milks and more with just one kitchen appliance. Thanks to MegaMix, you can. The premium power blender is multi-function masterpiece when is comes to fast, fuss free and healthy food preparation. Its powerful motor runs between 10,000 and 32,000 repetitions per minute – that's more than 3 times faster than ordinary domestic blenders. This superior power, teamed with precision control technology enables MegaMix to not only blend, chop and puree the toughest of foods, but to actually cook the contents until simmering and ready to eat. The precise control of speed, time and temperature ensures that vital nutrients and flavours are maintained for healthy, tasty results. MegaMix comes with a jug for grinding dry foods, a jug for blending liquids, preset programs for 6 common recipes and a 2 year warranty for your peace of mind.