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Pebble Weave Blankets

Natural Cotton for Summer Comfort

Even though the sun beats down during a piping hot Australian summer, there's no escaping the distinct breeze that often whips through your window at midnight. It's a little chill that sometimes even the sheets can't ward off, which is where these lovely, lightweight Pebble Weave Blankets come in. The beauty of these layers lies in their versatility, practicality and luxurious tactile finish. Woven from soft natural cotton, each blanket is lightweight, breathable and machine washable- boasting the best of convenience, comfort and style. Plus they come in a range of easy to style shades and various sizes to suit any bedroom theme. The best part is, once the crisp bite of May rolls in, these pebble weave blankets can be added to your winter bedding for an extra layer of warmth.