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Pakman Parcel Delivery Box

Never Miss a Delivery Again

Love to shop online but hate chasing up missed or lost parcels? With a Pakman Parcel Delivery Box ramping up your curb appeal, you'll never miss a delivery again! These robust secure boxes save shoppers time, money and frustration by ensuring parcels - even large A3 boxes and cases of wine - can be safely delivered when no-one's home. They utilise resettable combination locks and can be used by all couriers including Australia Post. Designed to suit every home's facade, Pakman can be easily installed freestanding, built-in or mounted to a wall, with or without a letterbox on top. And to try out your new Pakman box, the first parcel is on us - we're offering $50 credit with every Pakman purchase for you to spend on more goodies with us!