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A buyers decision to proceed with a builder is largely based on the presentation of their display homes, how luxurious it feels and what luxury items are included with the starting price. With the right guidance, you can achieve the desired look and feel with inexpensive architectural design and the right interior design selections. Here’s our guide to getting the most luxury for less.

It's all about luxury

What are builders doing to create that sense of luxury?

To create a sense of luxury builders like to focus on three architectural principles; space, light and flow. To create space they will use a ceiling height of (2.7m or more), higher doors and voids to maximise the internal space. Traditional cornices and architraves these days are replaced with plaster reveals and square-set-cornice to create clean and crisp lines throughout the home. Light is the key aspect of luxury homes, the size and quality of the windows is integral to the overall luxury appeal of any home. The building team at Hallbury Homes (pictured above and below) have won multiple awards for their creative use of light and luxurious design. And finally, the flow of the home adds dramatically to creating that sense of luxury. Open corridors with glass to one side, sweeping rooms that are not confined or concealed behind walls and open living areas that combine family, meals and entertainment into a cohesive environment.

Hallbury Homes

How are architects using design and space to create a sense of luxury?

Blocks for new homes are now smaller, but customers’ (our) requirements are getting larger. Smart design is essential for luxury homes to be able to accommodate for the storage, car parking, bathrooms/ensuites, theatre room, study, bedrooms and retreats. More and more we are seeing “Soho” loft style being incorporated in designs, the double height open areas with balustrading is becoming a true luxury look. This also creates a huge amount of space in an otherwise small area that allows for ample light to flow through.

Stonehaven-GarageDoor (1)

What is the most luxurious home which is also affordable?

From our research, Stonehaven by Hallbury (above) is one of the most luxurious homes on show in Melbourne right now. As soon as you walk through the front door you are greeted with a two-storey void that immediately gives you a sense of space and luxury. Polished concrete on the ceilings and walls is an added feature to define separate spaces. The windows have also been used to add luxurious appeal with some windows spanning both floors that creates a floating look through the home.


Why are people wanting their homes to feel like hotels?

When you get home you want to relax and enjoy the space you have built. People love the appeal of the “hotel look” as it is clean, fresh and modern. No “hotel look” is complete without a pool side view. With luxury often comes high price tags, but this is not always the case. Designing the home correctly to capture the architectural features that create the space, light and flow is primary and will often override spending money on upgrades. The styling of the home can be just as important as the design but can be done after the home is built, gradually adding features to achieve the “hotel look” without blowing the budget. For more call 1300 Hallbury or go to Hallbury Homes.


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