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Newdecor 3D Wall Art

Walls that Wow

You may have seen these striking sculptural feature walls turning heads in sleek hotel lobbies and the showrooms of luxury sports cars, but Newdecor holds the secret to this breathtaking interior design, and makes a high-end aesthetic easily achievable in the home. The answer is their collection of innovative three dimensional wall panels, moulded from an eco-friendly and lightweight material. The beauty of these artistic pieces is their user friendly design and scope for creative flexibility. With easy DIY assembly, mix and match possibilities plus the potential to repaint in any colour scheme, these stunning pieces are just the beginning of your unique designer restyle. Plus, the microscopic cellular structure offers great sound absorption and acoustics, perfect for noise proofing any room of the house. Offering an array of textural designs, the Newdecor collection really is the simple solution for maximum wow factor.