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Chibebe Snuggle Pods

No 1. Baby Beanbags

As Australia's No. 1 baby beanbag supplier, Chibebe understands the many needs of a busy parent, that's why they've adopted a safety-first mentality when it comes to caring for your baby. But the brand's innovative design doesn't stop there – convenience, functionality, health benefits and superb comfort all play a part in the multi-award winning Snuggle Pod. A slightly elevated resting position and soft support keeps bub safely nestled, helping to prevent the symptoms of reflux as well as flathead. Designed to follow your child from birth through to their pre-teens, each beanbag features interchangeable, machine-washable seats so you can swap the harness for a toddler seat as they grow. Complete with a free giftbag, these Snuggle Pods are the perfect gift for any mum-to-be.