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Laguiole Classique by André Verdier

Premium Silverware Hand-Crafted in France

The Laguiole region in southern France has given its name to the world's most spectacular silverware, and André Verdier is among the most reputable manufacturers of these beautiful products. In the heart of the French countryside, André Verdier cutlers have been producing Laguiole cutlery by hand since 1859. Fast forward more than 150 years and each piece is still crafted by hand, and still entirely breathtaking. The Laguiole Classique collection is André Verdier's highest quality range, showcasing delicately engraved, mirror-finished pieces displayed in Beechwood and complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. Not merely a vision of pure elegance and unique design, André Verdier takes your fine dining experience and elevates it to the level of an artform.