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Kaffir Lime Design

Quality Outdoor Cushions & More!

Sydney brand Kaffir Lime graced the market in 2008. While that makes them relatively new to the game, their ultra-innovative approach to contemporary home furnishings suggests a level of expertise far beyond their years. Impossibly modern and favouring vibrant hues and bold, irregular prints, the brand beckons homemakers looking to freshen and inject character. Weve pulled together an overflowing selection of Kaffir Limes speciality - striking outdoor cushions - boasting a composition of 100% solution dyed acrylics that are mould, water and fade resistant, plus a revolutionary Teflon coating then renders them water repellent. If youve ever had the weather take an abrupt turn while entertaining outdoors, heres one facet of your stresses banished! Tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins in bold designs complement the collection.