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Kitchen Kitsch

Quirky Gadgets to Gift (or Keep)

Quirky, kooky and cute. Vibrant, vivacious and a little bit ostentatious. All these adjectives account for ColourBlocker, an accessories and gadget brand that are bursting into kitchens with unrivalled gusto. To get gifting for Christmas or simply satisfy your own wickedly weird whims, you'll find everything you never realised you needed for your kitchen and beyond! Silicone baby bibs shaped like oddball characters, bright folding stools inspired by LEGO, 'sharpeners' that treat carrots like pencils and carve them into points, interlocking salt and pepper shakers shaped like two people hugging, myriad tech gadgets... that's just the beginning! With over 200 products, ColourBlocker will spark your interest and imagination in one way or another.