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There is nothing like a good grazing board to set the foundation for easy entertaining. Loaded with goodies that your guests can nibble on throughout their visit, a good grazing board is enticingly rustic and abundantly generous.

A good grazing board allows you to open a bottle of wine and sit down with friends and family and catch up on conversation without being stuck in the kitchen. Oh, and let’s be clear. There’s no shame in using store-bought items on your grazing board. Some of the best grazes consist of fresh, untouched ingredients ready to devour.

So, think outside the box and use these five tips to help create a grazing board that will rank you alongside Martha Stewart and other legends of entertaining!


1. Height & Layering

Give your guests room to move with a decent mix of height and layering. Whether you’re elevating scattered bowls, rustically piling cured meats, or stacking your bread sticks diagonally, the layered look gives your grazing board unexpected dimension and the illusion of being even more abundant.

2. Garnish

Go hard on the garnish! Think fresh flowers and herbs from the garden for a natural-inspired spread. The pretty colours of flowers and the fragrant scent of herbs like rosemary and basil will lift your grazing board, giving it a colour contrast to the nibblies you have presented.

3. Colour Scheme

Whether you’re using a natural wooden board and complementing your spread with earthy herbs and rustic dips, or going bold with a bronze or silver platter and contrasting your nibblies with a mix of seasonal fruits and florals, using a consistent colour scheme will create a more cohesive grazing board your guests are sure to envy.

4. Think Fresh

Whether you’re shopping local for fresh fruit and veggies to use for dipping, complementing your soft cheeses with sweet pear slices and crunchy grapes, or simply love your artisan creations, nothing compares to a fresh assortment of produce. The simpler, the better!

5. Balance

Life is all about balance, right? It’s important to think about balance when you’re creating your grazing board. The salt in cured meats is perfectly complemented by sweet rockmelon, soft cheeses like brie and camembert go hand in hand with the sweetness of quince paste, dried fruit and nuts, whilst a mix of antipasto like olives, roasted capsicum and middle eastern dips are the perfect accompaniment to crunchy breadsticks and rustic pieces of sour dough.

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