Is the frypan you’re cooking with as healthy as the food that’s in it?

If you have been avoiding the question, you’re not alone and are amongst the thousands of health and environmentally conscious people who have instead opted to grill, steam or bake.

Frying food has been subconsciously associated with making a bad food choice. What if it didn’t have to be like that?

Imagine a world in which you can fry food without oil on a surface made entirely of natural materials and what you are cooking with is as natural as the food you are eating.

Neoflam has turned the cooking world on its head and has found a solution for those wanting a more organic and natural flavour to their food.

Clean living advocate Luke Hines lives by the mantra of using all things non-toxic to cook with to ensure no nasties leach into food.

“Neoflam cookware is 100 percent free from harmful chemicals or toxins, it is Teflon free which means you are not ingesting any dangerous chemicals,” he said.

“The company strive to create innovative, playful and stylish designer cookware, kitchenware and hydration bottles which are 100 percent free from harmful chemicals or toxins.”

“Anytime we become too restrictive or go too extreme we can be setting ourselves up to fail. The key to living your best life is making small, incremental, positive steps, each and every day, that over time lead to long term, sustainable success.

“Life is to be enjoyed, lived and celebrated, so fall in love with food, enjoy it and be grateful. It’s the simple act of making mindful decisions about what we cook and how we cook it that can make all the difference.”

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