We chat with author & decorating pro Emma Blomfield.
Having great interior style is not nearly as easy as it looks, something that anyone who’s tried (and failed) to replicate a killer Instagram shot or magazine spread will attest. If only there were some kind of resource that clearly and logically explains the process, and how to do it yourself – baby step by baby step. Well, your wish is our command, or more accurately, Emma Blomfield’s.
Between sourcing The Home’s gorgeous rug and art collections, working as an interior stylist and running eCourses and workshops through her joint venture, The Decorating School, it’s no small feat that Emma has found the time to author her very own book, Home: The Elements of Decorating.

“HOME guides you from room to room, empowering you to create a look you love and a space you are proud to show off – without breaking the bank or starting from the ground up.” – Emma Blomfield

Accompanied by helpful illustrations, Emma explains that her book demystifies the five elements of decorating – needs and wants, colour and pattern, shape and size, placement, and lighting – and shows how easy it can be to apply these elements to each room in your house.
“It’s a timeless handbook for anyone who has ever doubted their decorating ability, or craved a helping hand through the process” Emma says.
Inside, there’s a valuable mix of practical information (think floor plans to help with furniture placement in each room) and visual inspiration (those watercolour illustrations serve double duty as colour palette possibilities FYI).
So to ring in the second run released this week, we spent five minutes getting to know a little more about the brains behind the book!
What’s the main lesson you’d love for people to learn from HOME: The Elements of Decorating?
Overall my goal for the book is for it to be a timeless classic that sits on your coffee table or bookshelf and can be moved from home to home teaching you how to apply the elements of decorating to each room in your house regardless of the style of home.
As a stylist you’re working with other people’s preferences and tastes a lot. How would you describe your own interior style?
My own style is more classic and traditional than a lot of the work in my portfolio portrays. I love layering natural and neutral tones with a focus on textures rather than colours. In saying that I do really love working with colour so I’m lucky I can do this with client’s homes!
What’s the best thing about your profession and what advice would you give to someone wanting to break into it?
I love that each client presents me with a whole new project with different style and taste so I can explore a wide range of styles and designs beyond my own preferences. My advice for someone wanting to break into the interiors industry is to go and work for free for as many stylists as possible. It’s a tricky industry to get into so proving yourself to a range of stylists will help build your reputation. Working hard and thinking ahead so that the stylist you’re assisting can focus on the bigger picture will help get you ahead.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would happily live in New York in a beautiful brownstone terrace house filled with gorgeous custom upholstery!
You’ve just stumbled upon a genie in a lamp that grants decor wishes. What three things do you wish for?
1. A new pillow top mattress 2. A beautiful wool and silk rug 3. A never ending budget 😉
What’s the question you get asked the most as a stylist?
How to confidently work with colour in your home.
What trend/style are you crushing on most at the moment?
I’m a little obsessed with velvet at the moment, especially coming into winter.
What’s something we’d NEVER find in your home?
You’ll never find a chevron pattern in my home. That trend is 110% done and dusted! You’ll also never find a Lazy Boy recliner armchair in my house!
What other exciting projects have you got on the horizon?
I’ll be rolling out a number of other collaborations over the next few months to tie in with the beautiful illustrations in the book. I recently launched a stationery range with Little Branch. I am also hosting a number of decorating workshops in NSW and VIC in the coming months too.

Home: The Elements of Decorating

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