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However exotic it looks, not everyone can afford a decked up yacht party somewhere in the middle of Thailand or Bali. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at home! The best thing about bachelorette parties are there are no rules involved – so you can have it your way. But wait, what about meeting your beloved bride’s expectations? Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry, we can help you host a gorgeous bachelorette party that’ll make your BFF brag about for years to come.

Want to know what kind of bachelorette party vibe your bride wants? Please don’t guess (unless of course, you want to surprise the bride) but an honest suggestion here – it’s always better to just approach the bride and be upfront about what’s on her must-have and off-limits list. This will help you understand what she really wants and what all is achievable.

Once that’s done, pick a date that suits all your guests, make an invite, decide on catering, drinks, props…the list is literally unending (but as we know being the Maid of Honour is never easy). The trick here is to transform a regular house into something pretty exciting! Which leads to the most difficult part of this party planning – picking a theme.

We’ve got some amazing themes you can explore while organising your bachelorette party!

‘Vegas at Home’ – for the wild ones

What if your bride wants to hire dancers? Although it’s very much possible that you despise her idea to the core, we have to still remember that it’s her night after all! Now that you know your bride is all about being ‘young, wild and free’ you also know where to begin.

Arrange some Mimosas to kick start your party and then gradually move to Gin and Vodka Slurpees (bringing Vegas to home). Boozy dancing to some upbeat songs will make your bride truly happy if she really is a wild one!

In terms of decorating the place, hang blingy lights on the walls and set up a bar next to the pool. With these parties, having a dress code isn’t a good idea. Let people wear their flair and be more themselves!

‘Exotic Retreat’ – for spa lovers

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If your girls are spa lovers, then let your bachelorette party be all about self-pampering. Let people sit, gossip, sip some tea and enjoy manicures and pedicures at home! Maybe include some facials, shoulder massages and hair spas in your spa at home schedule. After all, the Exotic Retreat theme is all about bringing luxury to home.

How about greeting your guests with coconut water and a Hen’s party sash? While everyone else is wearing this sash, your bride can wear a glamorous bridal veil to stand out from the lot. After an amazing spa experience, you can open the bottle of champagne and cut the cake – voila, you’ve got your picture-perfect party!

Chick Flick’ – for movie buffs and social butterflies

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Some brides love to end the night by watching Sex and the City or Charlie’s Angels, obviously because they’re movie buffs. The best part about a movie frenzy bride is you can make their bachelorette party all about movies.

Be all chicky and arrange a pyjama party for your bride’s squad. Here you can go all girly and pinky with matching pyjamas, silver tiaras, light pink balloons and everything you can possibly think of in a Barbie world. Although wearing matching tees that say ‘Team Bride’ is a cliche’, for Insta-addicted girls this is the right choice.

Also think about working in some clever decorations, gifts and prop ideas that go with the Chick Flick theme. Go ahead and dress up like a doll, eat lots of choccies, marshmallows and cupcakes, as being all mushy is a must for your theme.

‘Spin the Night’ – for game night enthusiasts

Thinking of a treasure hunt as one of the games for your bachelorette party? You’re in the right direction. Packets of Doritos, some tequila shots and lots of games is not a bad idea for brides who love to play. The best part of this theme is no one will have to bust their bank accounts trying to make their BFF happy. It’s the easiest theme you can pick!

For game nights, the rule of thumb is to not pay much attention to decorations, but rather come up with interesting game ideas that your pals would love to play all night long. Try to think of a unique game idea that goes beyond the Groom Quiz or Truth or Dare.

‘Hawaiian’ – for beach lovers



What do you think of lots of pina colada and heaps of fruit platters? Sounds tropical? Let your party be all breezy with this amazing Hawaiian theme. Get Hula skirts, coconuts, palm trees, flamingo decorations and all tropical, exotic, bright colours to feel the famous Hawaii vibe.

Even though this theme sounds enticing, there’s one limitation to it – Hawaiian theme parties can be thrown only in summers. Sad but true! So if your party plans are for the summer then this theme is surely a yes-yes.

With Hen’s parties, going over the top with decorations is completely rational (sparing the game night theme). You can go for either ladylike decor or a vintage setting depending on your bride’s choice. You can even mix and match themes! Although, keep in mind the secret behind good decoration for Hen’s parties is to put up things that connect to the personality of the bride. Let her flair inspire her party decor!



We hope this handy bride’s guide will help you host a gorgeous Hen’s party for your best friend and soon-to-be bride. Now since all your worries are gone, have a couple of drinks, chill, relax and rejuvenate before you actually have to ‘Paint the day Pink”!