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Luxe Robes & Blankets

Snuggle Up With Silk Touch

Creating a cosy and stylish hideaway is easy with a few extra layers! This snuggly range of plush robes, blankets and throws unveils an array of colours, textures and sizes, promising effortless comfort, warmth and style. Indulge in a luxurious silk touch bathrobe - the collections hero - and youre granted toasty solace from the chilly shower-to-bedroom sting that winter kindles. Though after that, its likely youll have trouble putting real' clothes on! Perfect for plumping up bedding or throwing over the couch, sumptuous blankets and throws are a comforting addition to your relaxing moments, be those reading in an arm chair under a knitted throw, or cocooned for the night in a cuddly mink.