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Smart & Green Nomad Lighting

Lamps for the Style-Savvy and Adventurous

Chic, contemporary aesthetics meet innovative design with the collection by Smart & Green Nomad Lighting. Each lamp in this range combines simplicity, style and environmental awareness to bring you a versatile and unique lighting option. Recreating 160,000 colours with LED and a low consumption battery, as well as featuring an unbreakable and completely waterproof design, the Smart & Green collection has something for every home. Manufactured to provide 50,000 hours of light and save up to seven times the energy of a standard bulb, there is no denying that each piece is sure to illuminate any setting with modern panache. Revamp your pool, your garden or patio and just about anywhere else throughout your abode with the fun and easy to use lamps from Smart & Green Nomad Lighting.