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Sonar All Season Technology

Memory Fibre & Thermal Balancing Quilts, Toppers + Pillows

Sonar is the science behind a perfect night's sleep. Combining two of the latest technological advances in bedding - Memory Fibre and Thermal Balancing - these pillows, quilts and toppers take the guesswork out of choosing the right bedding, and adapt to your comfort needs for a soothing, therapeutic rest. Memory Fibre boasts all the properties of a memory foam pillow, yet with the fluffy feel of a natural fibre fill -superior support, sumptuous softness. It's partner in crime is a fibre based on the German Smartcel technology, which features thermal balancing properties and the ability to actually regulate your body's microclimate before you begin to feel uncomfortable. In other words, stay cool in summer, cosy in winter and never suffer from sweats or chills again.