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Spoil Your Senses with Luxe Soy Candles

Flickering with warm candlelight and seducing with soothing perfumes, discover the sweetly scented world of Archipelago. With a green-minded health-wise approach, the USA brand specialises in premium candles and fine fragrances made with hand-poured soy wax blends and naturally derived essential oils. Conjuring decadent potions with fruity, floral and woody notes, as well as off-beat cocktails such as agave, wasabi and herbal infusions, Archipelago opens the door to a world of unique sensory experiences. Add a decorative element to your décor with chic frosted glass diffusers, which fill your room with a continuous flameless perfume, or draw a bath a light a candle for a long, clean and indulgent burn. Each tantalising treat comes beautifully packaged and perfect for gifting.