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Gourmet At Home

Supreme Knives + More From Stanley Rogers

Modern-day home chefs crave exquisitely-crafted, high quality products that perform efficiently. Cue Stanley Rogers. With a longstanding heritage of over 80 years, the brands unrivalled craftsmanship and expertise have earned them a revered standing as kitchenware connoisseurs. Established in 1930, the iconic Australian brand resides in both the kitchens of avid home culinarians and food service professionals, and this collection unveils a worth of affordable spoils for your very own quarters. From exquisitely crafted knife sets to specialised omelette and griddle pans, through to casserole dishes and cast iron pizza sets, everything in your cuisine repertoire rises standard! Our hand-picked selection of SR is complemented by a vast assortment of handheld kitchen saviours by Chef'n.