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Adesso BMI Digital Scale

Stay in Shape: Measures Body Fat, Hydration & Weight

Staying in shape can be tough when there are multiple factors that determine weight-loss, and regular scales don't recognise them. Enter the Adesso BMI Digital Scale. This smart scale measures fat to muscle ratio, hydration percentages and body weight, so you can tell exactly what's up if you happen to tip the scale! Plus, it stores data for up to 10 profiles so it's easy for the whole family to track their progress. Made from super tough tempered glass, it weighs up to 200kg and provides an accurate digital reading in 0.1kg increments, so whether you're a fitness fanatic or have just started a new regime, the Adesso scale will keep you focussed. Sleek and modern, Adesso not only helps you look your absolute best, but makes your bathroom look stylish, too.