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Life’s a Beach

Designer Tents & Round Towels

When the summer sun starts heating things up, all the beach fun begins with it. The most overlooked accessory to take to the sand is the beach towel. Lets face it; its actually on par with swimwear in importance. A stylish beach towel can complete your look, and totally elevate your beach experience. Beach bums rejoice, because gorgeous and fashionable beach towels are right here, and in an array of fabulous styles. The Lovin Summer round towels are a luxe oversized towel that provides you with plenty of extra room at the beach, or picnic. Also discover 99% UV protective tents that are made from 100 % cotton canvas material, easy to assemble and easy to transport, and perfect for the beach, camping, lakeside lunches, and picnics on the sand or grass. Lets get beaching!