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El Hummingbird

Striking Handmade Textiles from Peru

From El Hummingbird - aka, two intrepid Sydney-siders with a deep connection to Peru - comes this hard-to-find collection of handmade, one-of-a-kind Peruvian blankets, or frazadas in the native tongue. Although frazada is the Spanish word for blanket, these stunning textiles are just as lovely hung on the wall, layered on the floor, thrown across the sofa, or even carried to a picnic. Each wool or alpaca frazada is a labour of love, handmade by artisans from mountain villages in the Andes. They use skills passed down through countless generations, and take around a month to make each one, so by supporting these weaving communities, El Hummingbird helps to keep this ancient, beautiful craft alive. Read more about the brand's passion for Peru, and textile traditions on The Home Magazine.