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Royal Apothic

Sumptuous Hand & Body Products

Royal Apothic are testament to immersive indulgence of the body and soul. The young Californian brand specialise in decadent fragrances, lotions, sumptuous soaps and candles - and each fragrance has swiftly garnered its own cult following. Where modern day products typically fall short for delivering on one of two measures for success - either amazing scents or amazing skin rejuvenation - Royal Apothic manage to achieve both with flair and grace. Slink into an aromatic bubble of Lemoncello, Venetian Grove, City of Angels and a cornucopia of other sensual delights. A piece of trivia: the brands founder once happened upon a vintage apothecaries manual in a London bookstore, which is how Royal Apothic were born. It still serves as his enduring inspiration, something that speaks volumes about the brands unique philosophies.