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Turquaz Turkish Towels

Lightweight Towels in Summer Brights

The Turquaz range of Turkish cotton towels may be splashed with bright shades borne for a summer spent by the sea, but there's more to these Mediterranean beauties than initially meets the eye. Superbly crafted with high-quality natural fibres, each Turquaz creation is a European luxury that will make every seaside sojourn a breeze. The secret is in the traditional Turkish cotton make; boasting a soft flat weave that's light-weight, compact and still extremely absorbent. The light and compact design means they're fast-drying, great for travelling with and take up less space in the washing machine, too. Inspired by the rich history of the Roman ‘thermae’ and Byzantine baths during the Ottoman Empire, Turquaz towels are made using ancient Turkish looming methods ensuring each piece is authentic and completely unique from your average towel. Today you can find Turquaz towels dotted on Mediterranean beaches, in designer bathrooms and luxurious day spas.