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Vertical Garden Planter

Grow Your Own Green Art

From 5 star hotels to reality TV renovations, theres no denying green walls have been sprouting up everywhere- leaving their distinctive leafy mark on trending interior design. And aside from transforming dull walls into works of living art, hanging planters are unquestionably the go-to solution for urban green thumbs seeking a touch of nature. Where inner city space comes at a premium, and a patch of earth is almost unheard of, vertical planters heroically fill the void- recognising that when you cant grow out, why not grow upu Its a simple idea with a big impact; providing city slickers and country folk alike with flexible options to harvest their own edible indoor gardens. Ideal for both herbs and flowers, these planters are here to say it doesnt have to be greener on the other side! To find out more about living art click through to our article with Charlie Albone here.