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Vivid & Exotic Designer Bedlinen

Landing on The Home for the first time, we're smitten with this new and exciting bedlinen collection. The fashion-forward range is the work of revered style-maker Edward Li, who has designed textiles for numerous Australian and international brands such as KAS, Macy's and Selfridges. Blending understated luxury and a dash of the exotic, Luxotic bedlinen flaunts lush designs on fine sateen and cotton fabrics, and will do little if not turn your bedroom into a thing of beauty. Colours are handled boldly yet elegantly - made vivid and lustrous through advanced digital printing techniques which can produce up to 200 shades in a single quilt. From vibrant florals to modern metallic embroidery, each Luxotic design is a labour of love and a product of Edward Li's passion for textile design, which you can learn more about over at The Home magazine. Read More